About passwordsFast

With PasswordsFast you only have to remember one single password to get into the device. Because the device is not connected to the Internet you can make the password something simple to remember, that cannot be hacked.

You can now create stronger, more secure passwords to better protect your accounts and store them in your PasswordsFast device.
Get rid of all those sticky notes or scraps of paper! Keeping passwords on your smartphone or excel spreadsheets is very unsafe and can be hacked!
PasswordsFast is small enough to carry in a pocket, wallet, or purse.

PasswordsFast securely stores up to 125 passwords using the AES 256 encryption methodology, a standard approved by the National Security Agency for encrypting Top Secret information. All data is stored in permanent memory and will be retained even if you need to change the battery so data is never lost.

PasswordsFast allows you to quickly add, delete and modify entries.

PasswordsFast entries are stored alphabetically by the description field. There is a handy search button allowing you to quickly search by description and render back the password you need.

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