With your passwordsFAST you have only to remember is a single password for access to all the rest and enjoy an unprecedented level of peace of mind and convenience. It also makes a terrific gift for that family member who’s always forgetting their passwords.

Your simple & secure password vault is small enough to carry in a pocket. No need to remember multiple passwords or searching for sticky notes or paper scraps. All you need to remember is one password.

Create complex, randomized, secure passwords. Let passwordsFAST remember them for you!
Store up to 125 passwords, PINs and login IDs securely using AES-256 encryption, the standard approved by the National Security Agency for encrypting Top Secret information. Only YOU can unlock it.

Find passwords in seconds, using the handy search feature.

All data is stored in permanent memory and will be retained even if you need to change the battery. Passwords are stored offline in the vault’s memory. passwordsFAST is great for seniors. Give your master password to a trusted family member and know that loved ones can access vital account information if needed.

Qwerty keyboard.

Can be reset, permanently erasing all data.

You can set how many attempts before it securely locks out anyone in case it’s lost or stolen.

Includes CR2016M battery.

Your passwordsFAST not only protects your password-secured Internet accounts, but it also saves you the time and frustration of trying to dig up the right password or PIN for each transaction. And because you are no longer limited to passwords and numbers that you can easily remember, you can protect your online accounts with a wide variety of different, harder to guess entry keys.

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